Capillaries & Spider Vein Removal


It is the latest effective treatment. More than one session might be needed. Numbing cream can be add for extra cost if it is needed. It’s a 30 minutes session.

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  1. Spider Vein Removal?
  2. Skin Excrescence Removal
  3. Mole & Cherry Angioma Removal
  4. Broken Capillaries Removal?

High frequency vascular removal equipment adopt microdot high frequency flash which produce?high frequency electromagnetic oscillations, which takes advantages soft silk to transfer the energy to the?below of skin surface ,demolish blood capillary with pathological changes and burn the hemoglobin in the?vessel meanwhile make it divided into microdot and then been absorbed by tissues??so that it can get the perfect treatment .

As our skin can do?self-repair and regeneration , the space where the hemoglobin were been absorbed by tissues can be?covered by new skin tissues.? So after the operation with this technology ,the vascular will not reoccur.?The oxygen carrying capacity of hemoglobin make our blood capillary seems to be red, after be burned?hemoglobin ,the oxygen be released, the red of burned hemoglobin will disappear immediately?treatment result is obvious after the treatment comfortable treatment and no any influence for later life?and work peration on the surface of skin , safe and easy operation compare to other equipments.


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